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  • A comprehensive guide to your new, personalized healthy lifestyle
  • The most advanced WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM backed by evidence-based nutrition science
  • Customized menu recommendations based on your goal selection
  • Delicious, healthy and satisfying RECIPES for Breakfast, Snacks, Lunch and Dinner
  • Recipe Shopping Lists and Cooking Instructions
  • Weekly Weight, Fat, Calorie, Cholesterol, Protein, Glucose and Lactose tracker
  • Daily recommended optimal calorie, essential protein, and carb intake based on your goals
  • Sustainable weight management solutions after you hit your goals
  • Disease prevention or mitigation solutions for Type II Diabetes, Heart Disease, some Cancers and Stroke backed by extensive evidence-based nutrition research
  • Bibliography of all sources
  • Access to vast library of innovative FITNESS VIDEOS for beginner, intermediate, advanced and

PRO ATHLETE levels with and without equipment

  • Videos include workouts for Upper Body, Lower Body, Full Body, and CrossFit
  • Each video comes with recommended amounts of sets, repetitions, and resting times determined by your unique fitness level and goals
  • Fitness videos show correct form and posture to prevent injury and obtain optimal results
  • Choose different exercises daily and combine for a full body workout of your determined length
  • Certain exercises use body weight only; some use Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Barbells, and/or

Medicine Balls

  • BEHAVIORAL MODIFICATION PROGRAM designed to replace negative eating habits with those which benefit your overall health
  • Support to CHANGE YOUR HABITS with our powerful MEDITATIONS, thoughtfully designed to relax you and keep you consistently focused on your goals
  • Daily and nighttime meditations were designed using evidence-based research on HABITUAL

TRANSFORMATION, so you can make health your habit for the long-term!

  • Notifications keep you on track and provide reminders to hydrate
  • Personalized eating schedule with customized notifications to remind you when to eat
  • In-depth EDUCATION about the benefits or harmful effects of every food group imaginable,

Including beverages

  • A tutorial on SLEEP and its effect on eating behavior
  • Overconsumption of harmful processed foods will result in RED FLAGS so you know what to target when changing eating behavior
  • Weekly Body Mass Index (BMI) tracker and the CDC parameters of what stage you are in (BMI is one of the early indicators of potential disease)
  • Weekly Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) record (BMR is your daily calorie requirement for basic functionality and movements)
  • Goal selection option for disease prevention
  • Goal selection option for professional athletic performance
  • Weekly breakdown of food calories from each macronutrient group (i.e., where your calories originate)
  • Fat tracker consumption by grams and percentage
  • Saturated Fat tracker consumption by grams and percentage
  • Protein tracker consumption by grams and percentage
  • Trans Fat tracker consumption by grams and percentage
  • Cholesterol tracker consumption by milligram
  • Lactose tracker consumption by grams
  • Glucose tracker consumption by grams
  • Hydration Tracking
  • Basic reward system – Upgrade by Jan 2022
  • The newest food pyramid for optimal health according to the latest evidence-based nutrition science
  • Glycemic load and Glycemic Index chart with an explanation
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