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Prezence – Digital Mindfulness

Craft your wellbeing toolkit. Work directly with a Prezence guide during the first two weeks of using Prezence to align your wellbeing goals to your routine.

Prezence is your key to more time spent in the present moment. Select a focus area, designed to help you create the life you deserve. Start and end each day with a morning and evening pause, available at the times you start and end your day. Set intentions as often as you’d like, so that you can stay focused on your relationships with yourself, others, and technology. Access our unplug content whenever you need a few minutes to yourself. Our talented Prezence guides bring you back to the here and now as you drop back into a peaceful state. We know it can be tough to settle down, to remain focused, to get enough rest, and to feel happy all the time. That’s why Prezence is here for you.


  • Guided meditations thoughtfully curated by our experienced Prezence guides
  • Morning and evening pauses that can be completed in as little as 30 seconds accompanied by a journal
  • Space to set intentions for your lifestyle
  • The opportunity to select a focus area
  • Access to all of our new unplug content as it launches
  • Daily dose of motivation


The state of living in a healthy relationship with yourself, others, and technology.


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