1️⃣ Start marketing your application

– create content that resonates with potential users

– talk about the problem they are facing

– tell them you’re launching a solution

– get the word out

2️⃣ Build a community of users

– Once you have an audience, time to gather all of them

– create a pre-launch landing page

– get them to sign up for interest

– invite them into your community

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3️⃣ Talk to customers

– engage with them in your community

– ask them about their pain points

– understand what’s working

– and what’s not

4️⃣ Pre-sell the product

– you don’t need a complete app to start selling it

– come up with special deals for early users

– if they are willing to pay for it

– you’re onto something

5️⃣ QA and Testing

– share all the insights from your community

– with your product team so you can iterate

– review and test the app constantly

– make sure to report any bugs

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